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Tangled Coloring : Rapunzel's Reincarnation for Modern Audiences

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Princess : Watching Tangled feels like revisiting where we lived as children. Everything feels familiar, starting from the building to the memories that are absorbed in every corner. What we see still feels familiar, even though it has now been touched by the development of modern civilization. In the case of Tangled, which is repackaged with a modern touch is Rapunzel's tale. The repackaging was carried out with the awareness of the audience. As a Disney movie, Tangled has the potential to be considered a mere children's film. Moreover, the current generation knows more about Rapunzel from the Barbie film, which is also intended for children. More specifically: girls. This repackaging can be detected from the movie title. Ignoring the title of Rapunzel, which is said to be the original title of the film, Disney can revise Rapunzel's tales as he pleases. As a result, Tangled morphed into an animation that has the potential to entertain young, old, male, and female audiences.

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