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Religious Mosque Kabah Coloring Pages


Religious Mosque Kabah Coloring Pages

Religious Mosque Kabah Coloring Pages - Every year, Muslims around the world will be thronged the holy city of Makkah. Not infrequently they invite members of his family in this spiritual journey. For children, they have often heard the term pilgrimage. However, unfortunately, many of those who do not know the activity during the pilgrimage. When they began to wonder about the pilgrims, most parents would have difficulty in explaining it. Here are some tips that parents can use to describe the implementation of a simple pilgrim. So that they can understand it correctly. Collapse this point in your explanation  
  1. Discuss with the children about the correct way in. The trick with making the temple using cardboard containers made similar temple. If necessary, make some dolls or figures that are also doing the pilgrimage. 
  2.  Tell the children about the introduction of the costumes used during the pilgrimage. If possible, wear the ihram clothing in children. 
  3. Teach about the sentences pronounced talbiyah ordinary pilgrims. 
  4. In addition to telling about the hajj Religious Mosque Kabah, you can also tell the history of the founding of the temple. 
  5. Tell others do Muslims currently reside near the Kaaba. Also done while in Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina. 
Explain the difference Hajj Religious Mosque Kabah journey by traveling during the holidays. Encourage your child to reflect that the pilgrimage should make every Muslim a better afterwards. from the hajj, one should be better, because the opportunity to get closer to the Creator.
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