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Easter egg coloring pages

Easter egg coloring pages - Painting Easter Egg

Easter eggs coloring pages is a beloved tradition in churches and Orthodox and Eastern Catholic. There, Easter eggs dyed red as a symbol of the blood of Christ shed on the cross.

Easter eggs are blessed by the priest and distributed to the congregation. Hard shell eggs represent the sealed tomb of Christ. Crack the egg symbolizes the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

Easter eggs coloring pages, In a number of legends, Mary Magdalene had an important role creating egg coloring tradition. One version says, the journey of Mary Magdalene to the tomb of Jesus, three days after the crucifixion.

Easter eggs coloring pages, She was carrying a basket of eggs cook for distribution to other women who will mourn at the tomb. When he arrived at the tomb, he found the stone rolled away from the entrance and the empty tomb of Jesus, the eggs in the basket change color to bright red.

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