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Barbie Thumbelina Coloring Pages

Barbie Thumbelina Coloring Pages

Barbie Thumbelina want children to plant trees so that they can help to maintain a healthy environment, which will make people happy in the future. One student, wants to plant a tree is very small. Two classmates criticize tree, which hurt his feelings, but Barbie Thumbelina told her that she had chosen the tree was beautiful.
The reason kids do not think about it feasible tree planting because it is small, but Barbie tells them that even small trees can make a big difference. Barbie told his disciples to sit down so that she could tell them about a little girl named Barbie Thumbelina but brave who achieve great things in spite of his size.
The above picture of Barbie Thumbelina, who are tied her hair. and are left loose hair beautiful. Get Barbie Thumbelina

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